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Winter Battle Pass Progress Check-In

Winter Battle Pass Progress Check-In

  • Vainglory
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  • Jan 18, 2019

Winter Battle Pass Progress Check-In


Jan 18, 2019

tl;dr: check out the article and table below to see where you stand on your progress to Battle Pass Level 100!

Hey Vainglorians, we’re about one-third of the way through the Winter 2018-19 season. At the beginning of the season, we promised you that the new Battle Pass and Seasonal Progression systems would keep your Winter Sunlight-filled. Now that we’re a few weeks in, we thought we’d check in and give an update on what to expect for the remainder of the season.

First Win of the Day & Free Chests: 30+ Levels of Sunlight Still Available


With about two months left in the season, we have more than 30 levels worth of Sunlight on tap for players just for logging in a few times daily and winning one match per day in any mode.


Free Chests: Remember that Free Chests are a major source of Sunlight this season, awarding 60 Sunlight per Chest, up to four times daily, so stay on top of those Chests and you could find yourself 15+ levels further ahead at the end of the season.


First Win of the Day:
Are you winning at least one match a day in any mode? Let’s hope so. This season, the first win of the day in any game mode (bot modes included!) pays out a huge 250 SUNLIGHT, meaning that we have another 15+ levels of Sunlight to give out this season just for collecting those wins. And since that is a Spoils of War payout, that Sunlight is subject to Double Sunlight boosts and the 50% Sunlight Boost included in the All Access Pass. Get an All Access Pass today to take advantage of its 30-day 50% Sunlight boost and set yourself up for another 8+ levels of Sunlight in FWOTD Bonus Sunlight.

Events: 40+ Levels of Sunlight Still Available

We’ve got 20,000 Sunlight ready to drop from weekend checklist-style events between now and the end of the season – PLUS another 20,000 Sunlight in Bonus Rewards exclusively for Battle Pass holders.


We’re also aware that some of you found the weekly checklists in December to be a little grind-heavy and have taken steps to make these a pleasure to complete in the coming weeks, so we’re confident that you’ll be able to complete these, even if you’re a hardcore ranked player that doesn’t want to have fun with our awesome rotating weekend modes. (I mean, have you played Rumble?!)


Grinding: Player’s Choice


As always, you’ll be able to continue playing matches beyond your First Win of the Day to earn additional Sunlight from Spoils of War. Now that we’re a month into the season, you should have a good feel for this season’s Spoils Sunlight drop rates and can judge for yourself how much to expect to earn, depending on how much you play per week. How much you want to grind is ultimately up to you, but remember that this season’s Sunlight Progression is designed specifically not to require a crazy amount of grinding, so that the Battle Pass can be max-fun for casual and hardcore players alike.


That said, we’re already seeing some of our most hardcore grinding players reaching Level 100 after only one month of play. This is an incredible achievement that makes us worry about your health. Still, congratulations are definitely in order, so we’d like to send a shout out to the few hundred of you that are so adamantly set against doing things the new (much easier) way.


Benchmarking / Summary:


Due to the 20 levels of Bonus Sunlight Rewards available from weekend events in the coming weeks, Battle Pass holders should consider themselves “on pace” to hit Level 100 and claim Black Diamond Gwen with no grind if they have already reached Level 30 or higher. Battle Pass holders are on pace to hit level 81 (and fully recoup the price of the Battle Pass) if they are currently at level 11 or higher. All Access Pass is recommended for players currently between Level 22 and 30, as it could be the difference between getting to Level 100 or not.


Players without a Battle Pass can expect to hit Level 100 without additional grind if they are currently at Level 50 or higher and can expect to hit Level 81 without grind if they are currently at Level 31 or higher. If you are between Levels 11 and 31 and don’t have a Battle Pass, it may be worthwhile to pick one up soon in order to take advantage of 20 levels of Exclusive Battle Pass Bonus Sunlight Rewards that will be available in the season’s remaining weekend events. (This is equivalent to about two hours of play per day through the end of the season.)



Current LevelExpected Finish Without Battle Pass, No GrindExpected Finish With Battle Pass, No GrindExpected Finish With Battle Pass and All Access Pass, No Grind

Sunlight pays out at a little over 3 Sunlight per minute of play, so even starting from zero, a player could grind an additional 11 Levels in a bit less than an hour of play time per day (or, e.g., 22 Levels in ~2 hours daily without boosts, etc.); this will allow a new player with a Battle Pass to reach Battle Pass Level 81, assuming they take full advantage of events, First Win of the Day, and Free Chests.




All players should be taking max advantage of upcoming events and playing regularly to get their First Win of the Day and to open Free Chests.


With Masquerade Magnus at Level 1 and a ton of other rewards even in the first 50 Levels, we think that the Battle Pass is a great value for anyone that plans on playing this game in the next two months. Given the vast amount of Sunlight we’ve committed to making available, all players should find it easy to level up to a very high level and should be very happy with the rewards paid out between now and the end of the season. And since it will provide an additional 20 Levels worth of Bonus Sunlight from the season’s remaining events, it’s a no-brainer for those intent on getting the most rewards out of their play time.


That said, players without a Battle Pass, but who who are already Level 50 or higher might want to hold off on getting the Battle Pass, as they’re likely to reach Level 100 without it. They also might want to consider sleeping more.


Players between Level 31 and 50 can consider waiting to get a Battle Pass if they only intend to reach Level 81 — Otherwise, they’ll have to grind about 2 hours daily to make up the 20-Level difference (from missing out on Bonus Event Reward Sunlight) and still reach Level 100. These players may also consider picking up an All Access Pass (with it’s 50% Sunlight Boost) to help cut down on the grind to 100.


New players and anyone who hasn’t yet hit level 11 should plan accordingly and manage their play time to ensure that they can reach their target season progression level. In any event, these players should (without grinding or using boosts) still have time to reach Level 70+ and earn some excellent rewards.


We hope this helps provide some context for your seasonal grind. Looking forward to seeing you out there!