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2018 VPL World Invitational presented by Razer Phone 2

2018 VPL World Invitational presented by Razer Phone 2

  • Vainglory
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  • Dec 13, 2018

This Sunday on December 16th at 10 AM PST, our partners at ESP bring you the 2018 VPL World Invitational presented by Razer Phone 2. Your 2017 Vainglory World Champions, Tribe Gaming, will attempt to hold onto their elite status as the best Vainglory team in the world against Team Ace, Nova esports, and QLASH. This invitational will showcase these four teams in a best of three, double elimination format (order of matches to be determined at random).

In 2018, we leaned into our partners (local & global) to bring competitive Vainglory as we focused on launching 5V5 and bringing Vainglory cross-platform in early 2019. Vainglory cross-platform will welcome desktop players and console (end of 2019) with cross-play and competitive parity.

Coming to you from the OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach; the 2018 VPL World Invitational will also spotlight the first showcase match of Vainglory cross platform live on stage. Pitting players on Razer Laptops vs. Razer Phones!

Upholding tradition, to celebrate the 2018 VPL World Invitational, everyone will have a limited-time opportunity to get the Championship Catherine for free.

To unlock this exclusive skin:

  1. Open your Vainglory app on Sunday, Dec. 16th
  2. Tap the WATCH LIVE button on the 2018 VPL World Championship TIV  (Doing so will redirect you to the stream. You must tap through the in-game banner or else we will not collect your player name and cannot unlock the skin for you!)
  3. Watch the live broadcast continuously for at least 30 minutes to gain eligibility.
  4. The skin will be automatically added to your player account within 14 days.

Look out for a surprise skin unlock right before the Desktop vs. Mobile showcase match in game! (Unlock instructions identical to Championship Catherine)

See you on the rise.




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