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The Halcyon Fold’s Lunar New Year Map Skin!

The Halcyon Fold’s Lunar New Year Map Skin!

  • Vainglory
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  • Jan 29, 2016

The heroes of Vainglory are celebrating the Lunar New Year! We decorated the Halcyon Fold for the occasion. Celebrate with downloadable desktop art! 




For the Lunar New Year map, I shifted the level to evening, which meant making everything more blue. This set the mood and made the red lanterns pop out. I made three types of lanterns: round, diamond, and cylindrical. After consulting my Mandarin-speaking friend, I wrote “Year of the Monkey” in Hanzi on the cylindrical lanterns around the level where they would have the most visual impact. I made monkey shrines and placed them throughout the level. I changed the flags, the store character, and the architecture, then added fireworks rocket props at both camps.

Our Visual Effects Artist, Fizzler, created fireworks in the background, and I think they are stunning. Doer added animation to some of the lanterns and it looks great. 

If you look really close, you’ll see painted labels on the rockets: cherry blossoms, a dragon, and a pagoda.

Read about ‘Red Lantern’ Koshka here!

Happy Lunar New Year from Super Evil Mega Corp!