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Vainglory Community Tournaments: More Formats & Better Rewards

Vainglory Community Tournaments: More Formats & Better Rewards

  • Trugo
  • |
  • Oct 09, 2017

Community organized tournaments have been a cornerstone of our flourishing global esports scene since Vainglory’s inception. That’s why we’re excited to unveil a brand-new, revamped community tournament structure for all organizers! Check out the new changes below:


Previously, we supported global tournament organizers who followed limited format guidelines. Moving forward, we have expanded this list to include more options like Double Elimination, Round Robin, King of the Hill and any other cool structures you can conjure up.


In addition to format changes, we’ve updated our rewards system to feature more enticing loot like ICE, keys, heroes and skins. The new support structure is tiered, meaning that after you get in touch with us, we’ll place you in one of four tiers based on a number of factors including organizing experience, production capability, stream quality, number of tournaments previously hosted and more.

Placed in a lower tier? Don’t worry! There’s always a chance to level-up after you become a more experienced organizer. Inquire about promotion to a higher tier by shooting us an email; one of our regional community managers will review and respond to your request.


Send us an email at: at least two weeks before your tournament with the following information

  • Tournament name
  • Country & region
  • IGN & name of the lead organizer
  • Tournament format & timeline
  • Tournament ruleset
  • Link to draft sign-up sheet
  • Expected prize pool (based on guidelines) & their distribution
  • Links and details of the following if you had organized tournaments before
  • Number of tournaments held so far
  • Link to websites & social media channels (if any)
  • Link to streaming, YouTube or other video platforms (if any)


Your regional community manager will reach out directly. Once your tournament is approved, we suggest you promote it across whatever social channels you have at your disposal. When making the announcement make sure to include

  • Tournament name
  • Region
  • Tournament format, timeline, ruleset
  • Link to sign-up sheet
  • Total prize pool & their distribution
  • Link to streaming/YouTube channels

Once the tournament concludes, get back to us with the winners’ IGNs and the rewards they’ve earned. We’ll help you make sure everyone their in-game loot!

The detailed tournament guidelines, formats and participant rewards can be found here.