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  • ReadyPlayer1
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  • Aug 05, 2015



Monsters are neutral creatures that live in camps throughout the jungle. They have no loyalty to either team and prefer to keep to themselves.
These creatures are great sources of gold and experience, so your team will need to hunt them to keep an edge on your opponents.

Killing Blows

The only way to earn gold and experience from monsters is by landing the killing blow. Be alert for opponents who may try to sneak in and kill these monsters as they will take the rewards.

Rejoining the Fold

Monsters always reappear in the same locations. A little while after killing the monsters in a camp, the same camp will come back, offering you another chance to loot them.

Staying Close

Monsters will not abandon their homes. If you pull any monster too far away from where it began it will immediately turn around and regenerate health rapidly.

Growing Bounty

Monsters that have not been killed recently offer slightly better rewards. If you happen to forget about them for a while make sure to go back and loot them before your opponents do.